Mobile Alloy Wheel & Rim Repair Brisbane

Do you need alloy wheel or rim repair in Brisbane? Whether it be cosmetic damage to a single alloy wheel or multiple alloy wheels, our Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair Brisbane System allows for high-quality, onsite repair, saving you time and money.

‘Gutter rash’ as it is commonly known, refers to alloy wheel damage either along the edge or on the most external parts based on an alloy wheel’s design.

Alloy Wheels usually require a significant investment but they do add to the overall appeal and value of a vehicle. When one or more wheels become damaged from scrubbing the gutter or as a result of replacing the tyre, it is an expensive exercise finding an exact match.

Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair Brisbane Methods

When performing alloy wheel repair in Brisbane on painted wheels we repair all the damage. In more serious cases we use an alloy compound to fill the deep gashes and then perform a colour match on the original finish and spray the repaired alloy wheels using professional automotive paints.

When performing alloy wheel repair on machine-finished wheels we will sand and polish out the damage and then we spray a light coat of silver onto the repaired area to blend in the repair work.

Unfortunately, some wheels are simply not repairable. These include chrome-plated wheels, highly polished flat faced wheels and finishes with liquid chrome colour.

Our mobile alloy wheel repairs Brisbane specialists can restore your alloy wheels or rims when it best suits you. At your home, office, or workshop – we can be anywhere you need us to be.

Additional repair services include: