Mobile Bumper Repairs Brisbane

Do you need bumper repairs in Brisbane? Our mobile bumper repair service in Brisbane is fast and easy with a superior finish.

If your bumper bars suffer from scratches, dents, tears or have started to fade?

Or perhaps you have minor accident damage or a scratched body panel on your vehicle?

Unfortunately, almost every vehicle is susceptible to stone chips and scratches which create unsightly & annoying blemishes.

Did you know that bumper repairs are by far the most common repairs! That is why manufacturers install plastic bumpers for cars since it’s easier and more cost-efficient to repair.

Superior Refinish provides mobile bumper repairs in Brisbane and mobile body panel repairs service straight to your home or office to repair the damage that your vehicle has sustained.

All repairs will be restored back to pre-accident conditions within 2 – 3 hours by a qualified technician. Coupled with our in-house colour matching system, we can eliminate those unsightly blemishes by perfectly matching the paint colour of the original paintwork and we ensure that the job gets done right.

This will save you time and money instead of leaving your vehicle at a panel repair shop for many days waiting to be repaired, not to mention costly hire car expenses as well as the cost of excess through insurance.

Generally, the cost of having your bumper or panel repair/touch-up is cheaper than any insurance excess and you can be confident with our years of bumper repair experience.

We are your mobile bumper repair experts in Brisbane.

Additional repair services include: